` Oceana Fishery Audit 2021

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Oceana Canada’s fifth annual Fishery Audit assesses the current state of Canada’s fisheries and fisheries management, tracks progress from 2017–2021 and provides recommendations to meet federal policy commitments to return wild fish populations to abundance in Canada’s oceans.

This report focuses exclusively on Canada’s marine fisheries. This includes finfish, shellfish and other invertebrates but not freshwater fish or fish, like salmon, that spend part of their life in freshwater. The 2021 data in this report covers the period from July 2, 2020, to July 1, 2021.

Note that each year, Oceana Canada corrects minor errors found during the update process. As a result, some of the values for previous years may differ slightly from past reports. Canada’s fisheries management performance is assessed using indicators developed from globally accepted best practices and from DFO’s policy framework and is based on data from 194 index stocks published on DFO websites. For full details about the methodology and analysis, visit oceana.ca/FisheryAudit2021.

  The Fishery Audit index stock list (194 stocks) was created for the 2017 Fishery Audit. It is based on marine fish and invertebrate stocks included in Oceana Canada’s report Canada’s Marine Fisheries: Status, Recovery Potential and Pathways to Success, combined with those included in the first public release of the DFO’s Sustainability Survey for Fisheries and any stocks with newly available information from government reports that year.


Credit: Nick Hawkins